Business brokers need a partner that knows small business transactions.

As a business broker, you know each small business transaction has its own unique characteristics and requirements. Luckily, you have an escrow partner with the experience to craft individual solutions for every small business transaction you close.

At Lawyers Escrow Company, we know there is no such thing as cookie cutter solutions for your small business transactions. That is why we cover all areas of a business transfer, and tailor our services to the needs of each transaction. Our basic escrow package includes the necessities for all deals, and we offer additional services including vehicle transfers, contract collection, escrow holdback, real estate transfer, collateral safekeeping, and more.

Five reasons you need Lawyers Escrow Company to close your deals:

Experience with small business transactions. We do one thing – small business transactions – and we do it well. We deliver solutions tailored to your specific transaction, whether simple or complex. Our team of professionals offers the support and resources you need, and will also fund your broker fees when the business sale funds.

Protection for your buyers. A UCC-1 lien and business personal property tax search are performed on the business to make sure clear title can be conveyed.

Thorough processing. We are proud of our accuracy and thoroughness in preparation for your closing. We will make sure every item necessary for the business transfer is covered prior to closing; all liens are properly handled, leases are in place, franchises are approved, lenders are satisfied; and more.

Neutrality. We always act as a neutral third party in your transaction. Since we do not represent either buyer or seller, as an attorney might, we ensure the transaction is done correctly and strictly according to the terms of the contract.

Smooth closings. We close deals when they are ready to close, ensuring a smooth, easy transfer of ownership. Settlement statements are prepared prior to closing, and our attorney-prepared legal documents are ready in advance for signature at the closing table.

Our distinct focus on small business transactions means you will get the answers you need for every business you sell.