Protect your money, your new business, and your peace of mind.

When you are ready to buy a small business, you will need a neutral third party to secure your earnest money deposit and meet your closing needs. Choose the one with vast experience in both simple and complex small business transactions; the one that offers flexibility to meet requirements of your unique transaction; the one that is built on integrity and accuracy. Choose Lawyers Escrow Company.

Five reasons you need Lawyers Escrow Company as your neutral third party:

Experience with small business transactions. Lawyers Escrow Company does one thing – small business transactions – and we do it well. We deliver solutions tailored to your specific transaction, whether simple or complex. We coordinate with third party lenders, franchisors, debtors, landlords, and any other parties involved in the transaction. Our team of professionals offers the support and resources you need even after your closing.

Simple and flexible fee schedule. Your basic escrow package will be based on our published fee schedule and includes the core services required to complete small business transactions, such as tax and corporate status searches; preparation of escrow instructions and settlement statements; collection and disbursement of funds at closing; prorations, filings and recordings; and more. This will allow you to plan and prepare based upon these costs instead of worrying about hourly billing or unknown costs. Upon request, we will prepare an estimate of your closing costs ahead of your scheduled transaction.

UCC-1 lien and tax search. A lien and tax search are performed on the business to make sure clear title can be conveyed.

Secure holding of funds. When you deposit earnest money with Lawyers Escrow Company, you can be confident your funds are secure. We hold your money in a separate escrow account, and only disburse the funds upon the meeting of specified contingencies.

Attorney-prepared closing documents. When we close your purchase, we will have the specific legal documents prepared that are required to complete your transaction. Our specially negotiated rates with our escrow attorney will save you money on your closing documents. It is just another way we add value to every closing we do.

At Lawyers Escrow Company, we know what buyers need, because we know small business transactions. It’s the one thing we do, and we do it well.