Lawyers Escrow has been a blessing for us since closing our very first transaction back in 1995. Lawyers Escrow has closed over one hundred transactions for us over the last twenty five years and are a major part of our effort to do things honestly, keep closing costs affordable, contrasted to a very few transactions performed for us by Attorney’s whose documents focus on their own client’s interest often complicating simple transactions associated with “Main Street” size transactions. Lawyers escrow is fair with all parties and look out for our interest as well. It’s always been a joy to have David and Susan Garner owners of Lawyers Escrow to do our closing.
Business Broker

Our first choice is to use Lawyers Escrow for all of our business closings regardless of size. They help to get the Lenders, Attorneys, Franchisors, Buyers, and Sellers moving in the same closing. Their processes and attention to detail provides checks and balances to all the loose ends helping to get many transactions over the finish line. Highly recommended.
Business Broker

We have been using Lawyers Escrow for many years with great success. The level of expertise and professionalism has been at the highest standards and we couldn’t be more pleased. We truly do recommend Lawyers Escrow for buying and selling should the need arise.

I’m emailing to thank you for your expertise and professional way of doing business. Communication is always a good thing and I felt that you guys were always personally and immediately available.

Given the circumstances, I don’t think the closing could have gone down more smoothly. It’s great when you are working with a team where everyone knows what they are doing.

Good job! Wishing you the very best.

Thank You. We greatly appreciate your efficient and personal touch to every transaction.
S. Gupta
Repeat Escrow Client